isi hati


first day of semester, first day out of xx days. the first day, and i already feel comatose. i’ve got the biggest headache ever last night, and i’m starving. i want to eat and eat!, now! i’m not used to have to wait until i get home for food anymore, and i gotta be faithful to my new goal: not spending money on things that i don’t absolutely need. it is working pretty nicely so far, and i plan on keeping up with it. you should be proud of me. i’m usually the type of person who can’t help but spend money. whenever i’m bored, it’s the worst. i will spend money on food even though i’m not exactly hungry (pasal tu la GEMOK! lolx!), or i will spend money on unnessary things, such as stationery. after all, stationery is such a waste of money. five dollars for a pilot pen? no thanks. it will only make my budget more limited for the rest of the week and make my hand-writing more worst. so i feel proud of myself, because today, i only spent the amount of rm6.80 and thats for my laundry. i’m so serious too. i wasn’t supposed to have a break today (i will tell you about it later) and i was able to resist! i was able to resist to eat!. i was able to resist 'maggie'. i was able to resist that amazing yogurt parfait topped with mixed fruit from the grocery. i was able to resist the fluffy bread with butter in it. but then, as i sit down in front of my computer, the most horrible thing in the whole world happened. the smell of kari and ayam goreng from mamak stall outside . i was so jealous. the smell was so strong. and god knows how much i love ayam. i love love love ayam. i’d live off of them. i dream of crashing onto an island where i’d be alone, or with that one person, and that island would only have a thai or italian restaurant. or something of that sort. doesn’t it sound great to you? it sure does to me.

why i have to make my budget limited? just for your information. i have to lose my weight and become more saver! lolx! its a lesson for me not to spend more and more for unnessary things. its a long semester and i have a very long time to recover my grade and of course my weight! both at the same time! dont you guys know how hard being a plus size person? jeans? t-shirts? blouses? its seems not nice when it comes for me to wear it. sucks! and one more thing, i cannot let my account become zero. zero? how horror it is.

my financial plan will be not more than rm5 perday. as for today, i already spent my money for laundry and its a lil bit 'out' of my limit but thats ok. so i will not eat for the whole day! im serious! fasting is the simple way to avoid me from non-stop eating habit. i a.k.a tong sampah, among my ex-housemates because of my habit. hopefully is not just a dream.

no class for me today! horayyy! and im free...but for a while..lolx. starting tomorrow at 10 a.m, i will be dead! the same question flying with the star around my head. how im gonna faced all these things, again and again..(sigh)

p/s- dalam suka ada duka! unforgettable result*