First Day


alhamdullilah..great morning..great sunshine!

last night was totally crazy crap! (haha). everyone had lost their mind, screaming and dancing. just in one small room and its full and crowded. only Allah knows how mad it is. we moved to another place where we can find peace and burp. Me, Juza, Ereen, Fateen and Umar..(makan kenyang2x! lolx!). my diet….oh noooo!! i became a tong sampah again! but the tong sampah was not that full. that’s a good news. (haha). how can i ate a filling of egg with bread and honey with sugar on the top of the bread! plus bandung cincau and half of the nasi putih with daging kicap ( Fateen punye)! damn! (haha)

so let me tell you a little bit more about my first day. i woke up at 5.45 am, even though i only had my alarm set to 6.30 am. for some reasons i could sleep anymore, too many strange dreams. i didn’t wanna fall back asleep and go back to them. facing real life was easier. so i wake up, shower, get ready, and trouble packing, probably because i didn’t really know anymore how much time i need to get ready and do all my things before class. it would’ve been so annoying to be late on my first day. as i sat in the middle-left side in my class, everyone seems are ready to go for the 1st chapter. i can simply said that 80% of the class is dominated by chinese. too many chinese, too many competitions. it’s a common thing happened in MMU.

my first class was okay, except i don’t really get what the point of it is. it’s called instrumentation & measurement techniques. it’s supposed to be a class that helps you fill out your final paper with A+ answers. arhgggg..not a theory againnnn. then my second class was electronics 3. damn!(AHAH, PLEASE DON’T EVEN ASK).so i walk up to the room number written on my schedule, i get inside and sat infront (line 3). the same domination. chinese. this subject is really freak me out! Hey, I saw Paklan and Din (haha). alahai Din..he was trying to hide from me behind his friend’s back while smiled at me (mcm la ko kecik Din smpai aku xnmpak ko. haha) and Paklan? He said ‘wahh..mcm ni boleh la join’, after he saw me and a group of chinese talking about electronics class. LOLX!!!!!

and then, at 5 pm until 7 pm, i have my last mathematics 2. it was actually pretty good. it’s about ordinary differential equations, which i left 2 years ago. (kontang-kanteng lo ko pas nehh).this time, waahhh, too many people in the class! crowded!

at last, i succeed to finished my puasa ganti (2nd day. Haha). whats for buka? Only a cup of low-fat cereal drink. Niceee..(haha)

note to self: do not take things too seriously.